Wow everyone...I am very humbled by all the positive feedback! Blowing my mind right now! It is very very cool to read the feedback and see what you all think. Please don't be shy to speak your mind, and we will take it all in. We are learning but also getting the hang of this.

We will keep at it and producing real discussions for normal guys to listen and learn from! Thank you again for all who listen. Please subscribe on the apple podcast app or via email on the website home page. Thank you!
It's awesome you were able to get Jake Ehlinger for your first episode! So far I've listened to #1 and #4. Love the focus on deer habitat. Good stuff!

My only constructive feedback is I think it might be a good idea to shorten the episodes. Your conversation with Jake was almost two hours I think. I would be more likely to listen to 30-60 minute clips. I'm guessing you were grateful to have Jake on and didn't want to cut him off once he was rolling. I totally understand that. You guys will probably get better at facilitating the discussion as you get more experience.

I also had a little trouble with the technology, pausing and coming back later to pick up where I left off. It kept taking me back to the beginning. Maybe the issue is on my end. I was also unable to tell the length of the episode in advance or how much longer it would last as I was listening. There may not be much you can do about these tech issues with limited resources, but I'm just trying to be helpful by reporting my experience.

I'll definitely keep tuning in.

Thank you so much for the feedback Osceola! Fellow Michigander! Jake was a great convo and our longest to date. We have done some relatively shorter ones, but not under and hour I dont think yet... We will definitely do some shorter ones in the future...thanks for the advice.

Using the Apple Podcast app or Sticher app you can pause, rewind, etc very easily...and when I am getting back into my car after listening, stopping somewhere, then continuing on, the podcast app picks up where it left off, and I am back on the podcast again. Makes it easier for those longer episodes. Hope this helps. You can subscribe on their too so it downloads automatically once we publish a new episode.

Just listened on my extra long lunch hour. Good stuff, buckhunter10! I really liked the even-handed way you dealt with the Amish question.
I think what I've enjoyed most from these is the back story about how guys grew up and acquired their land, etc.
For whatever it's worth, I still think these are too long. They could cover a lot of ground and keep it under an hour, in my opinion.

Good points. He did deal with the Amish question perfectly LOL
Listened to the intro, 1 and half of 2 last night. Ill listen more tonight. Good stuff and done well!!!
Thank you Eshoremd! Means a lot. We appreciate it.

Will give it a listen soon
Thanks lakngulf - please do and let us know what ya think!

I listened to Brian's episode. I like the feel of a few guys sitting around BS'ing about habitat best practices. I drive 45 minutes each way to work so I need a good stable of podcasts. I have a couple more downloaded. Keep up the good work.
Thank you so much E_308. Appreciate it! I am also a heavy podcast listener as I am on the road all the time.
Well it’s been a week since the one Jared had me on for and honestly I’ve been blown away with the texts, messages, etc.

I want to really thank Jared again for having me on- keep listening to their stuff. They are some great guys and really are putting a lot of time and effort into making this podcast.

Share it with friends and family. They are on Facebook as well.
It's all because you're a smart dude in the habitat world Al! Not surprised at all. :) I was also impressed with how much I learned from you in that short period of time. And thanks for the kind words. All shares and telling friends does help a lot. Free pack of Muzzys being given away if you share Ep #6!
I was laughing listening to you guys trying not to step on any Amish toes lol

I drive a tractor trailer so I have plenty of time. I could listen to this stuff all night long.

Keep them coming!

jvanhees I hope the health is well and wish you the best.

We will keep them coming Sir! I am happy and healthy now that all the cancer was removed. Still healing up but things could be worse ;) Quarterly check ups and therapy for the next while. Thanks for the kind wishes!!!

I caught up on all 5 episodes this week alone while driving for work. Awesome job guys. You've got a subscriber over here.

I thought I had a pretty good grasp of habitat management but I've learned a ton already and started questioning a lot of things I am doing.

Sam - your comments have been inspiring. It is really cool to see exactly how this is helping people (besides myself) learn. I am a novice and cannot believe what I have learned with a couple discussions. Thank you for posting that up.

Listened to the first 2 podcasts so far. Great job guys!!

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Thanks Pine! Appreciate the post! more coming soon....
Pretty cool to hear all the feedback. Glad to hear word is getting out. Most people don’t mind the longer podcasts, me included. If I can’t listen to a 2 hour podcast all at once, I listen to part of it then come back. But I have the iPhone podcast app on my phone and it saves my place and automatically pics up where I left off. I don’t think going to a 30 min podcast would cover any topic enough to be interesting.

Thumbs up on the pod cast. I spend allot of time driving and have enjoyed listening to them. Keep up the great work. glad to hear your doing well..
Very glad to hear the feedback everyone! Trying to get a pretty good guest for EP 10. Taking some extra time.....Keep listening and please leave a review if ya have a sec.