Growing in my clover plot?


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What is this reddish low growing plant coming up in my browsed...



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As I understand it - it likes damp soils, is VERY prolific and I 100% hate the stuff. I think I read somewhere that waterfowl like it. I battle it every year in the same grows into almost a carpet and will choke out everything else. I go rounds with it every year in the same plot........I can manage it, but I never seem to have it entirely gone. Good luck.
That appears to be smartweed!

Indeed it is! Wonderful stuff. It'll grow upright and you think you can mow it to control it. Then it grows sideway on the ground where the mower won't touch it. Smart weed! It's an annual that will die at the first killing frost. Since it's a prolific seed producer you can end-up with double the amount of the previous year. Glyphosate will kill it, but it's not a very strategic control alternative.

Raptor / Clearcast are great alternatives. The stuff is expensive to buy but you use so little the per acre cost is minimal and if you got smartweed you need it.
The worst invasive i deal with in plots. I havent dealt with it very well. Roundup that kills everything it touches will not kill my smartweed.
I had a plot full of it. I mowed and it just got rid of the competition.

I sprayed and play planted clover and winter wheat hoping to smother it out. I through is some radishes hoping to help with drainage. Also cut some trees to give the plot more light to help dry it up faster.
FYI, Here is my bumper crop


After mowing and spraying with gly\2,4-D concoction and planting the winter wheat and clover.

The more I look at my plot the more I notice it...seems to be growing in every low spot (old stump holes) in the plot...I have started pulling it up for now as I assume it being full mature and actually dying down it won't do any good to spray it. When is the best part of the year to spray it?