Grass becoming a problem


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Looks like this grass is determined to take over my clover plot. I mowed 3 times and sprayed twice last summer with Clethodim and it has worked in the past, for some reason spraying didn't do much. Now I have an issue entering spring.

I can try spraying earlier this year- early May? If that doesn't work considering spot spraying with round up and putting down some brassica seed in those areas later in the summer to get through this season before I have to turn over whole plot again. Thoughts?
about 3 years. I mow a few times a year, spray clethodim and frost seed each march. That usually keep the grasses at bay.
Can't really tell from the pics. Is it really grass or could it be sedge?
"Can't really tell from the pics. Is it really grass or could it be sedge?

That's what I was thinking. I've never had Cleth fail to take care of grass. But it won't touch sedge.
I've got a couple plots that look just like this. Sprayed with Cleth last fall--didn't see much improvement so I spot sprayed Gly. I'll repeat in May. If that doesn't work, I'll spray the whole plots with Gly as the clovers usually bounce back. I will loose my chicory but I can throw some seed out before a good rain and start it over.
Spray this fall and plant in winter wheat then frost seed in the spring. After the wheat dies, mow to 4-6 inches and you'll be surprised at all the clover underneath.