Grafting tool...

What was the issue?
I had a very low percentage of grafts that took. The grafts that did take, did not grow like they should have. I only used it to graft apples and pears. It might work well on something else. I had purchased mine knowing that I was going to have surgery on my wrist. I was able to graft a few that year using my grafting knife. They all took. They are cheap. you may want to buy one and try it out, but I wouldn't graft 100 trees with it like I did.
I saw these grafting tools a few months ago and started to investigate them. The reviews I found echoed what Headdigger stated that the grafts did not take. The reviewers felt that the grafting tool did not make a clean cut. It tended to mash the cut and therefore damaged both ends and caused the grafts to fail. It seems like a great concept and the idea may work, but the ones I saw reviews on said the blades just were not sharp enough to make clean cuts.
I am new to grafting and have been looking for a grafting knife. Seems there are quite a bit out there, any suggestions?
I have three, They are all Victorinox. I don't need three, but I have a habit of misplacing one occasionally. I bought a new one every time that I couldn't find my old one. I can't say that this brand is any better than any others, but they work very well for me.
I had looked at this item before and contemplated hard on getting it. My grafting tool of choice is an old case dual blade pocket knife.
Stick with your case knife if you are getting good results. I think that you would be disappointed with the results of using this tool.