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Does anyone know if Grace made the jump over to the new forum? I was hoping to see his property thread here.
Yes he has. We have exchanged emails / messages. He signed in here under his real name : Terrance Jackson.

This man is a wise tree grower who fights Texas temperatures. He tells a great story. If his farm was close to his home - he would be unbelievable. I hope he changes his handle back to GraceNmercy. It is one of my favorites. :rolleyes:
He is on here but busy. This is one of the people I personally tracked down because I admire his work.
Awesome, I admire his work and skills as well. He fights the Texas weather like I do and he's work inspires me to try new things. I hope to become as gifted in the tree growth department as he is, just one of the many reasons, I follow his thread every chance I get. Thanks for the info and sorry about the double post I'm still trying to get the hang of this new system. Mods please remove the other post. Wb I have enjoyed following yours as well.