Got some trees in the ground today


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Took the kids to the woods and put them work! We planted thee of the Buck IV "hybrid" chestnuts that I grew from seeds. I call them hybrids because they came from Buck IV trees but there were also Buck III and II trees nearby so they could have been pollinated by those trees as well. Won't know how late dropping they are until they start producing. These trees are going on their third growing season. Haven't decided if I'm going to tube or used welded wire fencing to protect them. On these trees I used the 12 month 3 gallon root pouch as their final pot before planting. They were already starting to fall apart so I didn't try to remove it.





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They look really good.Won't your deer rub if you don't cage?Good friday was always my big tree planting day and any kids that hunted on me that year knew they were expected to show up since they were out of school.Some of them didn't much but they got their hands dirty.My daughter came home from college and helped plant 15 fruit trees this weekend,she started with the first planting 10 years ago
They could rub on them but we haven't had a issue before. I do plan to go back down and either tube or cage them. I was just strapped for time yesterday evening. Hope my gamble doesn't come back to bite me.

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Tube or cage them one--and soon. They will either rub them or nip off your central leader. Neither is good.
What's in the tube next to the tree you planted? If it's another tree, you will be making a choice in a few years! I have lots of choices to make on my place.
So just to wrap up. Got the sawtooths in the ground yesterday. Managed to get everything protected including the chestnuts from the weekend before last. Now just need to make sure I keep them watered when the rains quit in a few months. Still have many more trees to go but I try to do a few every weekend when I have time. Next chore is to go back in with landscape fabric and mulch to keep the competition at bay.

I know what you mean about the Texas summer. I’ve got some Dunstan’s planted in 2014 in Newton Tx. Only about half of the 25 survived. A few of them seem to be thriving now
That tree may be dormant

Scratch the bark with knife,fingernail,etc

If green,its alive......If brown its deceased......

Yes, it has gone to sleep for the winter but still doing well. Surprised how the performance of my Dunstans have really taken a step change the past year. The one’s planted in sandy, well drained soil are outperforming native water oaks as far as growth rate, which I haven’t seen a planted tree do yet. Even some of the small chestnuts that I had pretty much given up are still alive and starting to grow. The change in brown leaf color made the easy to spot among the thorns. Was happy to salvage them. I expect they will put on quite a bit of growth now that I have taken a machete to surrounding weeds

Salvaged Chestnut in creek bank

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Another salvaged Chestnut growing among switch cane & saw briars

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