got some oaks in today


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It's finally cold here. I can't plant these new bare root oaks in the ground until December 16. Keep em cool and make sure the roots are damp. Will this be okay until I get them in the ground? Terrible timing. But it is what it is.

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I just received 8 hybrid oaks from nativ nurseries and am well pleased

great root systems and DID have moisture crystals


I had this same conversation with Dudley from Nativ a few months ago. The trees were not yet dormant and required watering daily once I received them. I got them in the ground 6-7 days after I received them.

If the trees are dormant you won't need to water them as often and maybe not at all but an email to Nativ will have all your questions answered.

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I haven’t checked. Didn’t want to disturb them. I got them from Nativ Nurseries so I’m guessing they did

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They probably are fine, I'd bet they have moisture gel around them. I don't think it would hurt to look though just in case they aren't. It's all about the roots. Maybe you should contact them (Nativ) and ask how long they will remain viable after shipping.