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whats the difference between a drill and a planter. i know physically what the differences are. I am asking it from this point of view....

I really wish I had a planter so that i could......
My drill is all i will ever need, I wish i didn't spend the money on the planter because....

This will be my second season of plotting, and my first time attempting beans.

Also, obviously you can drill or plant into recently tilled soil, but are all planters and all drills "no till"?




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I'll give you what little I know because I went through the same thing and the experts can weigh in.
The seed drill will plant everything but corn, yes they can plant corn but may not turn out very good due to seed size/shape.
If you want to plant things that require larger spacing, you just tape or block off the holes to get your desired spacing. The small seed box is very important when planting small seed and flows better in the small box.
My original order was for the drill and while I was waiting on it to get built I went ahead and got the planter (better price on a package deal) plus this will allow me to not only plant corn in my plots but, I can do my sweet corn in the garden as well as beans.
Hopefully the experts will give better info to you.


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A planter puts the seed precisely where it needs to be, assuming the human operating the equipment is doing his part and the machine is working properly. This includes depth in the soil and the distance between seeds. A drill is much more imprecise. It drops the seed as a controlled spill but can vary a lot even in the same field.

For certain crops (corn in particular), precise seed placement is very important for maximizing yield. For other more forgiving crops (grains, for example) a drill is perfect.