Got a new boat !


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Well, new to me anyway. Tracker Pro Guide V16 with a 40 hp Merc. I’m anxious to get back into fishing after about a ten year hiatus. In the nineties I had two rigs, a nice Ranger bass boat and a nice 16’ flat bottom tin boat, and I fished all I could. I got into spring turkey hunting with a bow, and into food plotting, so I sold both of them. I sold the tin boat to my best friend so I still got to go with him once in a while, but it’s not like having your own. Excuse the cell phone pic A295C24C-F317-434B-B696-3608E18EEFE6.jpeg
Congrats Drycreek! Fished almost everyday back in the mid 70s. Went decades without fishing any. Now I've gotten bit with the fly fishing bug and having a freakin' blast. Post up some pics when you get her on the water.
I have a very similar story. I had a 17 ft aluminum then quickly moved up to my Ranger Bass boat. Got into tournament fishing for about 10 years. I hit it hard and did pretty well, met some great people and made some amazing memories. Sold the Ranger when my first born came. No regrets. Occasionally I think about how much I loved fishing and think sometimes to get back into it. One day, just not now. Enjoy your lake time!

Does ol Sarge come along on the fishing trips?


He would probably be game if I’d let him Bill, but he’d get worn out with it in a couple hours. He loves to ride in my CanAm with his ears flopping in the wind so I expect he’d like a boat ride too.
Went last night for a few hours. Missed mire than I could man count. Caught 4, these were the best 2.


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