Glad he made it.

Jack Terpack

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This deer showed up last year. We think he was around the previous year but was a rather routine 8 point at the time. Didn't seem to have anything special. Last year he really put on a lot of size and mass. This is the first picture of him we got this year. We were afraid he had been harvested. He has put on more mass and a couple more points.

He showed up following two other shooters. they were smaller and ignored the decoy. This was #1 on our hit list.
He weighed 244 dressed. Hope he passed on his genes. Took him at 40 yards with a Skorpyd crossbow.
Congratulations Jack. That is a great harvest.

I shoot the same crossbow. It performs well for me. Always great when we put a tag on the #1 buck on our Hit List.

Thanks for sharing. U the Man! :)
Great deer. You look worn out man! He was quite a load
My cousin Dave and I could not even budge him by hand. Of course he ran 40 yards downhill into the thickest junk he could find. Then he tried to jump a 4 wire high tensile fence. Almost made it, but flipped over the top of it and got tangled up in the top two wires. The blood trail was the easiest to traiI have ever seen. The Shwacker broadhead almost cut the heart in half. The blood trail was three feet wide, solid red.

We managed to get the ATV within about 30 feet of him and used the winch to pull him up to a flat spot where we dressed hum out. Then we threw the cable over a tree limb and winched him up almost high enough to drive under him. The front end of the quad would lift off the ground when we tried to drive under him so I had to sit on the front end while Dave drove forward. It still wore me out. Maybe next year I'll shoot something smaller and more co-operative.:)
Dave and I both use the Flambeau Boss Buck decoys. This is the 9th buck in the last 6 years we have taken coming into this decoy. We are firm believers in decoys. The problem is that they only work for a few days in the rut and if a buck is on a doe, neither he nor she will come near the decoy. It can help but it can also hurt. If the doe sees the decoy, she will normally steer clear of it. The buck will follow her. In this case, he came in from about 100 yards when I grunted and he saw the decoy. It took him about 20 minutes to cover the yards. He was cautious, but he definitely was in the mood for a fight. It is the most exciting way to hunt, in my opinion.