Genetic Trait Question

Last year a ... a buck showed up on my property in November that I'd never seen before. I guessed him as a 3 1/2 year old. He has a fairly long left main beam with four, 4" tines. The right side was a 12" spike that went straight up.

He showed up again this year the last week of October. Left side looks the same, but the right side now has two long spikes shooting up. Never gave him much thought because I believed the right side deformity was caused by an injury.

Well last night his mini-me showed up. The rack looks nearly identical except much smaller. Guessing he's a 2 1/2 year old. I'm thinking this deer had to be sired by the other buck. I don't pretend to have the knowledge or acreage to believe I can alter the deer herd by culling, but should I take the older buck out if I get the chance?

I only get one buck tag annually. I've already passed a 120" buck and another one close to that. I know for certain there's a real good one working the property. What's everyone's thoughts about all of this. Can that goofy rack trait be passed on genetically? Would you shoot the buck if given the chance? The entire area gets a tremendous amount of pressure, but this buck's already made it to age 4.
Shoot the buck you would be most happy with, after all you are gonna have to wait 12 more months before you get another chance to kill a buck, don't want to be beating yourself up during those months for shooting a buck you aren't pleased with.
With a one buck tag especially… he's already pumped his genes into the pool for 3 years, assuming it wasn't the bitch and not the sire that was actually providing the inherent trait, so I would shoot the best buck you are happy with and sleep good at night knowing nature will weed her genetic tree as needed. Bet its a cool looking dude tho and I like that weird type.

Those type of deer seem to be fairly common around my place. I've had this big 6.5+ deer on my place the last few years and a 2.5 yr old half rack as well but also plenty of other normal bucks. I would say shoot him if you're happy with him, but in a one buck state, I would understand if you didn't.

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Don't assume the smaller was sired by the larger. It could have been, but there could be a doe around who is dominantly expressing that sort of phenotype, and her daughters could even do the same. If you want to take your chances and get rid of them, but don't want to burn your tag, find a kid who would be happy with them and let them fill theirs.
I've been fortunate enough to hunt the same properties for a couple of decades. Genetic traits seem to come and go. I don't think shooting that buck will make any noticeable difference in the future (as said before; it might be a doe passing on that trait).
Shoot whatever deer makes you happy, for any reason that makes you happy.