Fruit wait finally over


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Only took about 9 years! Finally have apples in most of the trees and pears are ready to break the branches some are so full. The pears in the bottom also producing, but to a much lesser extent. Did have a late frost, but I guess it didn't hurt much. Now, if I can keep the squirrels at bay for another month or two, i'm in business!
Those are some hard earned trees. Good luck with them and hope they give you many years of enjoyment. Our planted apple trees were the same way except it may even have been longer to see our first apples. And actually the first planting was a complete bust, we replanted them all after installing fencing and then came the very, very long wait. That is except for ten trees that were sent to us by mistake, an unknown variety of a crab apple; that unknown variety produced some apples in its' first summer and by year three it produced in pretty good numbers and continues to do so today. That was between twenty to thirty years ago and most of those trees are still producing lots of apples. A bell should have rang loudly in our minds back then but it did not. It took us a very long time to get the message; today we are quite picky in what apple varieties we choose to work with.