Fruit Trees for Oklahoma


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Looking for a good source to buy fruit trees to plant in Oklahoma. My thought is if I buy local then the trees should do better here that if they ship from out of state.

Plan on planting in spring of 2018 have to prepare area and soil this year, trapping and killing hogs.

Going to plant: Apple quantity 5, MM111 root stock semi-dwarfing, Fuji, Golden Delicious, Apple "Wildlife tree quantity 5, Peach quantity 5, Pear quantity 5, Sour Cherry quantity 5, Plum quantity 3, and Apricot quantity 2.

I have seen Stark Brothers Nursery in Louisiana, Missouri list in the fruit tree resource thread. I have driven past there several times to hunt east central Illinois.
Make sure you get some Kieffer Pears...super hardy tree that really puts off the fruit. I get mine at Atwoods, Tractor Supply, Lowes, etc...
For easy to find pear trees look for keiffer, Moonglow, Ayers, and Orient. I think you should be able to pick these varieties up at your local Lowe's, home depot, or tractor supply in the spring/fall. If you wait til towards the end of season you can pick them up for 50 or 75% off.

Sometimes you can pick up decent apple varieties as well but I think you'd be better off getting what you want from Turkey Creek on here as you'll get a known rootstock.
Atwoods will start selling fruit trees late winter and always puts them on sale for around 15 bucks. Always has a good supply of pears. As long as you order fruit trees for our zone you will fine. Just make sure you get disease resistant trees. Arkansas black, enterprise, liberty, goldrush are just a few that make great wildlife apples. I have all of those planted plus a few more.
I have found at lowes you may not be getting what the label says as i have found 2 different tags on pear trees before
That is a risk, so far every pear I've got that is producing has been correct. The good news is if you get something you don't want such as Bartlett you can saw it off and rind graft to a variety you would rather have.

I wouldn't gamble on variety with a 20-30 Dollar tree. But for example I bought a honey crisp from TSC this year for 6 dollars at the end of the season when every thing went on sale. That's a tree I don't mind to gamble with.
I am questioning planting all my fruit trees in one area. Has anybody created an orchard or are you planting fruit trees in various locations?
I've done both, I think a destination orchard can be hunted just like a large foodplot where you hunt travel routes
I've got all mine planted in one area out of convenience. Protection from cattle, water, weeding, mowing, etc. is all easiest in that location, so that's where I planted them.