Trees are Looking Good


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My brother came down the first week of April to help me plant 24 fruit trees. I ordered the trees from Turkey Creek Trees. I planted eight apple, four cherry, six pear and six peach trees. They are spaced 22' apart, caged with 4' diameter x 4' tall wire fence and secure with two t-post. I used 2' square weed barriers from Stark Nursery and then wrapped the base of each tree with 18" tall aluminum screen.
orchard2.jpg orchard3.jpg orchard5.jpg orchard6.jpg
The following pictures were taken about three weeks after they were planted. Twenty three of the twenty four trees have leafed out. I have one Keiffer Pear that has not yet grown any leafs.
orchard16.jpg orchard17.jpg orchard18.jpg orchard19.jpg
Yours are a ways ahead of my pears from him but things just got going around here. Looks like you did an excellent job planting them.