Frost seeding white clover


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I'm was going to overseed my clover plots this spring in the mountains of VA (Zone 6b) and was thinking of frost seeding instead. Good idea or no? If so, when should I frost seed the white clover?
I've frost seeded in march and april. basically look for soil to be in the partially froze and thaw cycle and the seed gets pulled into the ground or falls in the tine cracks that the process creates. Fine stands have always come from this. I've done it on top of snow as well and it works also. I've also broadcasted it well after the freeze thaw cycle was over but before much of anything had started showing life and that came in great as well. In my experience it has been almost fool proof.
Farmers generally do their frost seeding of clover when the winter is almost over, but there is still some freezing going on, in our zone 6b that's late February. Seeding too early in the winter can lead to lower germination rates. When overseeding, the key to frost seeding is how much soil is exposed in the existing vegetation, if there is a heavy thatch it should be scarified or scratched with a chisel type implement to allow for better seed to soil contact. That's why a lot of overseeding is done with an interseeder or notill drill, which cuts through the thatch and dribbles the seed on the exposed dirt.
I haven’t had as much luck frostseeding although it does work. But I have had better success mid to late March as the ground thaws and is a muddy mess from winter. I think the slightly warmer temps allow for better germination and there is plenty of soil contact occurring.

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I haven’t messed around with white clover but had good luck frost seeding MRC into a new plot last March. Zone 6b, elevation 3k, western NC.

March 15th planting:


June 17th. WR, MRC and BW (added May 1st):



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I’m in the mountains of VA too and will frost seed red clover this weekend. I have successfully frost seeded red but never tried white clover but it should work out fine for if you get on some good frozen ground and it warms up soon after seeding. This weekend here looks almost perfect