Freezing venison


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here’s one for you. The delivery driver at work got his first deer. I was gone hunting at the time and I just gave him a list of things to do and he and his buddy did them. I talked to him yesterday and he said the worst part was they ran out of room in their freezer because the quart bags took up too much room. Come to find out, he put the meat in zip locks and filled them with water. I asked why he filled them with water and he said because every time you give us fish it’s always frozen in water.
I told him I have never froze venison in water. Only fish.
Have y’all ever heard of that ? I don’t know what to tell him. Will being frozen in water make any difference?


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He just wasted freezer space. And a big mess when thawing, along with the surface of the meat loosing color due to the soaking in water, and it freezes slower which is a small negative, the goal with freezing food is to freeze it as fast as possible, this keeps the cells from bursting leading to mushy food when thawed. It's not a big problem, neither is it any help.