Freezing Temps


What are the chances that the acorns and chestnuts that have sprouted and are in 18 cell trays outside are going to survive the freezing temps at night here in eastern Va?

Thanks for the replies.
A lot depends on how cold it gets and how big they are. I had seeds out all winter here in VA in 1 gallon containers. Last week I moved them inside and under the lights and have already had some sprout up. If you have them in a tray it wouldn’t hurt to just move them in the garage or even inside for an evening if possible.
Freezing in Florida too...had to cover a 20' orange tree that was full of blossoms last night. Stupid weather...mid Feb rut was 70, now it's 35 in the morning.
Sprouted as in root growth or shoot growth?
Anything above soil line is toast i am afraid .

Same here. Some plants can sprout up and survive a freeze but most can not here. Seeds in the ground even 1 inch down can still be viable come spring even with minus 30 degrees temperature but once they germinate and expose themselves above ground very few survive freezing temps just after germinating.