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I'm looking for some advice on Foxtail . Its been spreading like wildfire over the last couple of seasons in my low grounds . I did a spray, till, spray with glysophate 2 years ago in a 3 acre field . I followed it up with landino clover and winter wheat . Last season there were still some patches of foxtail . Its also in most of my plots now .
Im thinking about a pre-emergent this spring . I'm in central Virginia and also wondering whether it will kill my clover and best time to put it down .
This is one obnoxious weed .
Any help would be greatly appreciated .
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Occasional mowing will keep it knocked back. If it is in a broadleaf plot like clover a grass specific herbicide will kill it ($). The other thing to think about is foxtail feeds a lot of birds. I have areas on my place I will kill with gly or till just to let it go to foxtail. Much better for wildlife than fescue.
Foxtail is a grass so as long as it is in non-grass plots you can spray it with a cleth based product. Don't let the plant mature - mowing can keep it knocked back and the spraying will help as well. You may never get rid of it entirely - especially if this area floods. You are also more than likely spreading the seed to your other plots with your equipment as well as other animals and the like. You may also need to time your spraying to active periods of growth of the foxtail to help get a better kill. I also tend to have a better kill by mixing some crop oil in with my cleth as well.

Foxtail feeds lots of birds and keep in mind you don't need your plots to be picture perfect either. Often times deer feel safer using plots with some sense of cover in them and that can come in the form of "weeds". We get programmed to think our plots need to be clean and picture perfect and to be honest - mother nature doesn't work that way. In fact I often see browsing on these "weeds" in my plots.
I had a nice plot of Austrian peas, WW, Oats and rye. The deer spent more time eating the "weeds" that I was using as cover for them, than they did the food plot. The turkeys sure liked the plot though.
I appreciate all of the feedback guys .My goal will be to try to get it knocked back as much as possible with some clethodim and butyrac 200 db .I know that I cant get it all, but hopefully get it somewhat under control .