Former thread on QDMA about apple tree care/maintenance

Wny Hunter

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I'm sorry if it is somewhere here but I can't find it . I recently found out that the forum section of QDMA was hut down , and I am freaking out. I'm referring to the sticky/ thread that walked you through about everything you needed to know about selecting, planting, pruning, training, pest control, .....etc. I just bought /planted 8 apple trees from Cummins nursery this year and I did print some of the articles but not all of them and was hoping/ praying it was somehow over here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx
Matt transferred all that for us over here. I just made it a sticky. It's at the top of page one in this room.

Welcome to our new forum . Hope ya stick around.

Thank you for the warm welcome. I did check out Matts post and will definitely be using some of them resources. I am also hoping crazy Ed and maya made it over here. They had some great posts with pics , that really walked you through a lot of other stuff. Thanx again