Forehead gland


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I saw a buck yesterday evening that I thought had been injured, but on doing some research I now think it just had a very active forehead gland. The buck had a brown line basically running from the inside of its right pedicle down its face to the inside of the right eye. It was the same brown color as a dark stained tarsal gland.

Has anyone ever seen a forehead gland that active before? In the thousands of deer I have watched throughout my life, I have never seen that. Online research correlates forehead gland prominence with old age - if that is the case, this was the oldest buck in the world. :)
I've heard of it - and seen the waxy substance in their fur - but have not seen it in the wild. I did have a little buck show up on camera the other day - all puffed up like he was a big deal.. He was strutting around in the field - and had a spot on his forehead - see pic. Was it like this??

Could be just a glop of mud - but I thought it was interesting so I kept the picture