Flatwood natives?


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I’m thinking about adding one of their packages to the trees I already have. Has anyone ordered fruit trees from flatwood natives out of Florida? Looking at possible the pear punch package which has wild deer pear, orient pear, and Tennessee pear. I was either going to do that or make my own package with a few of their persimmons mixed in and possibly cut out the orient pears. Any of you gurus have any opinions on the Tennessee pear. I have some wild deer pears going on their second year but would like to add a few other varieties. Thanks for any insight or help.

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I have never ordered from Flatwood Natives. One thing that bothers me, is the call a cultivar that has been grown for over 150 years, a Wild Deer Pear. Is it a grafted clone of Kieffer or is it a seedling of Kieffer? If I could only grow one pear for deer, It would be Kieffer. I don't grow Tenn, but I can recommend Gate, Trophy, Senator Clark, Stoney Hill and Ms. Laneene. These trees have done very well for me.