Fall fruit tree plantings.


Just freed up some more space in my yard for my small orchard and will be adding 8 to 10 trees. Do we have a go-to person or business owner on this thread who sells trees? Wouldn't mind supporting them if possible. This is for wildlife only in West Central Indiana(5b/6a). Looking for Persimmon and pear mainly. Would like Oct/Nov drop time preferably. Lastly is this something that is done in the Fall or mainly in the Spring? Thanks for any info. Super excited the wife is letting me add on to the orchard which takes away from the yard..haha.
I would send a PM to Turkey Creek (Chris) on this forum. I've not personally bought any trees from him (yet) but read great reviews from lots of people who have purchased from him. I do know he is very knowledgeable of fruit trees from reading his posts.

There may be some others here as well that I'm not aware of. I think it's great for you to want to support forum members.
I bought from Chris and will be definitely do it again. Great guy and trees came in great shape. Can't ask for more!
I a big fan of fall planted trees however I'm in the northeast corner of Arkansas so are coldest nights may get a little below zero and we don't get a lot like that.

As I understand anytime your soil temp is above 40 degrees the roots will start growing. So if you think you will have enough days where you will have a soil temp above 40 to be a benefit then plant them in the fall. If not hold off and plant them in the spring.

That link will take you to a video that will better show you what I'm talking about. The beginning of it talks about a package deal he had on fruit trees but if you fast forward to him in his nursery he will pull two bare root tree and show you the roots.