Fall Food Ploting

Okay, I'm not up on the abbreviations. What is an LC mix ?
LickCreek a.k.a Paul Knox had a wealth of information he shared with a lot of people about foodplotting. His signature mix (LC mix for short) I'll copy and paste below.

Winter rye 50-80#'s per acre (56#'s = a bushel)
Spring oats 80-120#'s per acre (32#'s = a bushel)
Austrian Winter Peas or 4010/6040 Forage peas 20-80#'s per acre
Red Clover 8-12#'s per acre or white clover at 6#'s per acre
Groundhog Forage Radish 5#'s per acre

This is just one part of his mix but this is what I call the LC mix.

Look at this sub forum for more info to read up on: