Epic Axis


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I had an awesome Father's Day weekend hunt while my kids were on the mainland visiting family. We can hunt 365 here in Hawaii but due to my work schedule I haven't deer hunted since October 2017. This is one of my best bucks which is great but I was more excited to fill the freezer with free range protein! The buck was shot at ~32 yards, both does were under 15. I was blessed with 3 very short blood trails.

buck copy.jpg
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Axis deer are rutting pretty hard out here right now. Rut dates for these deer is much harder to pin down than other deer species, you could potentially find rutting activity all year. However, you're most likely to observe rutting bucks between May and August. Pretty cool option for those looking to chase deer during the Whitetail off season.
That's a nice haul of arguably the best wild venison on earth ! I killed one in March this year and had some summer sausage made from the trimmimgs. Mmmmm mmmmm !
Would love to hunt axis someday. On the mainland though.

I'm definitely going to have Axis hunting withdrawals when we move back to the mainland in a few years. I haven't decided if I'll get something going in TX or return to Hawaii to hunt them. I know there are some in FL but I've been told it's a high fence place. Even though they can be found free range in TX, they exist almost entirely on private land.
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Yeah, I want to go to Texas to hunt them free range but can't get anybody to ride out there with me.