English oaks


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Who has added English Oaks in tree plantings? I always liked how they hung on the tree into late November at our old lease. The deer ate them, but didn't seem to love them. They could have picked them off of the trees, but they waited for them to fall. I also like the fact that I can get columnar cultivars to use in areas where I do not desire a large tree. I get height to produce acorns, but not spread. In my mind I can get more production in a small area versus a bush type mast tree. I have about 40 going in rootmakers and I am trying to decide how many to use and how many to give away.

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Ive got about 10 going under the grow lights right now. Still not exactly sure what i will do with them. LOL.
I am thinking of adding a few to a tree plot i am starting this spring.