Dwarf chinkapin oak acorns from SE Nebraska (zone 5) for sale


Hi there,

It's THIS time of the year again .........

We collected some DCO acorns in southeastern Nebraska (zone 5) within the last few days, and we are wondering if anyone might be interested? We know most of you have already had your share, and we really appreciated your business.

Our price:
1/2 lb. (approximately 90-100 acorns) for $ 12.50 + $ 7.20 shipping (USPS priority mail - Total $ 19.70)
1 lb. (approximately 180-200 acorns) for $ 25.00 + $ 7.20 shipping (USPS priority mail - Total $ 32.20)

Min. order is 1/2 lb.

Shipping days: Monday-Wednesday

Payment: by check

If interested, please send an email to dconebraska@gmail.com with the quantity you'd like to get and include your address.

Thank you very much!
Troy and Sabine
Got some from you a few years ago and they grow here in the northeast just fine. They are a really cool shrub and i can't wait till they start to produce nuts.


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Thanks for the post. This is a good looking plant and really nice set-up. Glad to hear your DCOs are doing well in Pennsylvania. Yep, this IS a cool shrub, not only for wildlife but also for the backyard (red foliage in the spring and beautiful fall colors). Hope you'll have seed set next year.