DCO acorns (Quercus prinoides) for sale from SE Nebraska (zone 5)


We will be selling DCO (Quercus prinoides) acorns again this year.

1/2 lb. (90-100 acorns ) will be $ 12.50 + shipping $ 8.45 (USPS priority mail)= Total $ 20.95
1 lb. (180-200 acorns) will be $ 25.00 + shipping $ 8.45 (USPS priority mail)= Total $ 33.45

Shipment: Monday thru Wednesday only
Payment: by check or PayPal (dconebraska@gmail.com)

Once shipped, we will send you an email with the USPS tracking number.

If interested, please let us know.

I’d love to get a half pound if you still have some left. I bought some DCO’s off you 5 years ago and got a few nuts this year so I’m ready for more!