Dwarf chinkapin oak acorns for sale from southeast Nebraska (zone 5)


DCO Acorns Sept. 2012.jpg

Anyone interested?
It's THIS time of the year again (well, actually about 10 days early, and some of the plants are absolutely LOADED with clusters of up to 13 acorns this year)

We collected some dwarf chinkapin oak acorns (DCO) in southeastern Nebraska (zone 5) within the last few days.

Our price:
1/2 lb. (approximately 90-100 acorns) for $ 10.00 + $ 6.80 shipping (USPS priority mail)
1 lb. (approximately 180-200 acorns) for $ 20.00 + $ 6.80 shipping (USPS priority mail)

Min. order: 1/2 lb.

Shipping days: Monday-Wednesday (the first shipments will be sent out Tuesday, August 30, 2016)

Payment: by check

If interested, please send an email to dconebraska@gmail.com and include your address.

Thank you very much.
Troy and Sabine
Have ordered these in the past, Troy and Sabine have a great product that is well taken care of so you will receive quality stock.
Thanks for offering this again this year. Wanted to get some last year, but waited too long. Sent you an email.

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My acorns shipped and arrived as promised and are in good condition. Blitz is good go and is good to his word If your on the fence about ordering some of these I recommend getting them. I will do business with him again. Thanks Blitz
Sampson, Thanks for your kind words. Happy to hear that you are satisfied with our acorns. Good luck with your planting!