We are having a mini-drought here in the lower part of Maine. I've got 5 brand new plots totaling about 7 acres that I've been working on and planning on planting this month or next. That said...we are having a drought that we haven't seen in decades and there's no rain the forecast. I'm assuming I should save the seed and not plant but thought I would check in with you all given that I'm new to this. There's still plenty to do in terms of clearing rocks, sticks and weeds so it's not like there's not enough to do but they are in decent shape and was hoping to get something in before the fall but I'm thinking I'm wasting my time and money if I do that. Thoughts?
Trust your gut. Don't plant until you've got done moisture in the ground and moisture in the forecast.
I'd wait for chances of rain. However, if u put the seed down it will just wait till there is enough moisture before germinating. You might lose some to birds but otherwise the seed will be fine.
We have the same deal here in this part of northern NY with every storm missing us since May except for one or two sprinkles here and there. Planting is on hold waiting for moisture. Luckily at least the clover that is planted on the north sides of tall timber and further shaded with mature winter rye is staying green probably using dew to keep itself hydrated. Here (literally on the line between zone 4b/5b) we have planted grains as late as Sept. 8 with excellent results so we still have time for a thunderstorm or two to dampen the dust before we put down grain seeds.
Here in western NY we are in a severe drought only rained a couple of times since May, planted soy beans the first of June and was a total failure.
All very helpful and thank you so much. I had a load of fertilizer teed up and ready to spread. Not sure what to do with the guy...it's all paid for. Would it hurt or be wasteful to spread it now even if I don't plant for several more weeks?
Your gonna lose a lot of the nitrogen unless it's worked info the soil. I would try to wait on the fertilizer
Hope you get some rain in the forecast soon. Seems rain is either feast or famine all over the country. Thankfully this week we have feast predicted.