Dr. Grant Woods


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Don't know how many of you keep up with GrowingDeer.TV, but I'm sure most know who Dr. Grant Woods is. If you didn't know, the kidney transplant he had 26 years ago failed and his daughter Raleigh made the decision to donate a new kidney to her dad---an inspiration in its own right. The surgery went well and both are recovering well. If you don't have anything else to pray for, and know the power of prayer, pray they will continue to heal and recover. Thanks.
I just caught up with my shows yesterday and saw that. I'm sure all will be fine, arguably the best doctors in the country there. I certainly enjoy his programs even though I can't plot like he teaches.
The man is a legend. A great guy, and he is very valuable to the habitat management community. Fortunately it sounds like he’s recovering very well, and he will have many more years ahead to share his knowledge with us and enjoy creation.

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I know that some complain that he pushes certain products but I learn so much from his shows. I’ve watched every episode and I can’t wait each week for the next one to come out. In addition to the lessons about wildlife and habitat management, the life lessons he preaches / teaches are hard to argue with. I may not live my life the way I should every day, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still recognize the goodness of his messages. We’d be a lot better off if more people watched Grant’s shows instead of most of the garbage so many of us watch each week. Having said all of that, the things I learn from this forum and its so many awesome members are a very close second to what I learn from Growing Deer. I’m very thankful to be a part of the same group with so many of you guys. Keep on sharing.