Dove Field 2017


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Will update as everything progresses.

We planted our dove field Saturday. 10 acres in Clearfield sunflowers, and roughly 3 acres in benne (sesame). Will plant another 3-5 acres in BT Millet in another month or so. Pre-emerge and fertilizer were applied Saturday as well.

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Can't wait to follow this thread. Please post details of fertilizer/pre emergent herbicide when you can.
beautiful ground!! That's just awesome! Curious if you only added nitrogen at planting for sunflower - or do you hit it with Urea perhaps part way through?
400lb/acre of 17-17-17 put down during planting. Can't remember exactly what we used on the pre. I'll post when I find out.

We have 14 members in our dove club. Field is roughly 18 acres.
100% chance of rain tomorrow with a projection of 1-2". If we can get that rain and some sun shine after, we'll have flowers popping by next week.
It's amazing how quick sunflowers come out of the ground after just a little rain. That rain tomorrow should really get them going.

Field is red x on map. .5" so far today of slow steady rain. More to come



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This is the fert/ pre emerge that has worked well for us. Going into no-till.
sunflower recipe
20 gal acre of 30% nitrogen
44 oz rdup powermax or 2 qt generic gly
1 pt dual 11 magnum
1 pt 2-4d
6 oz Spartan
we also try to spread cow manure or 2 ton chicken litter on it as well.
Flowers have reached the 4 leaf stage and the benne is coming up good. Benne might be a little thick, going to keep an eye on it.

Have a little bit of a nutsedge problem in a 1 acre low spot so going to spray it on Saturday with Cadre and then plant the rest of the field in millet. Weather forecast shows rain Sunday and Monday right now. Would be great if that pans out