Double disc openers vs Single disc openers


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What are the advantages for a drill to have double
disc compared to single disc openers. Any advice
or information on the two are very much appreciated. Thanks
Are you looking for no till or conventional?
A double opener drill run double disk openers where the seed boot runs between them. Some drills such as gp run an opener colter ahead of the dd opener to loosen the soil in a no till situation. They also work fine in an already worked field. The downside is there is no gauge wheel to control depth. There is also nothing but the weight of the drill to create down pressure.
A single disk opener such as on the Deere no till drill, uses hydraulic down pressure to keep constant pressure on an arm with a gauge wheel to keep constant depth. The disk runs at a slight angle and the seed boot is tucked in tightly besides the disk.
Hope this helps.
On a regular drill ( not a no-til) you want to get double disc openers. A single disc opener will wind up grass and trash very quickly and stop opening the ground for the seed to drop into. The first drill I had 30 yrs ago was a single and what a head ache.
There are good sides to both but many theses days use double openers just because seed placement is actually better with a double opener. What I mean by this is the seed is placed in such a way that the soil actually has less air spaces and better seed to soil contact. For food plots it really does not make much difference as both will perform equally well as long as you use the drill in the way and conditions it was designed to be used. As far as single or double, it comes down to your preference of what you do prior to planting.

As far as down pressure, that is a function of each model of drill. The GP I use uses spring pressure and can run around 450 pounds of down pressure and it has double disk openers. Pressure can be adjusted as well as seeding depth but the most important concept is going to be how much pressure is applied to the closing wheels.

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