Double A Farm NE Ohio


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Hi guys. Sorry I’ve been gone so long. Between starting over again after the old forum shut down then Photobucket ruining my new tour, I just couldn’t imagine starting over again. I’ve kept in touch with some of you via text, FB, etc. You guys convinced me to stop back in. Hope all is well and I hope my new photo host won’t pull any Photobucket maneuvers.




Mostly more of the same planned for 2018. Working to get my soil better and hope to have a good corn crop this year. Most major change is ending my lease with the neighboring farmer so I have an 11+ acre blank canvas. Already started planting screening in the form of Norway Spruce. Planning on an acre or more of alfalfa, same with corn and the balance a mix of switchgrass and early successional growth fields. Will certainly have some chestnut, oak, fruit and spruce plantings scattered throughout also.

For the new guys, my farm in 40 acres, a rectangle with the long side running north and south (see above map). It is located in southern Ashtabula County, Ohio, most north east county in the state.
Hi Weasel, Good to have you back posting. You've got some great bucks using your land! I'm looking forward to following your thread again, you are always up to some interesting habitat related venture. Regaining control of your leased 11 acres is a biggie, ought to be a real game changer in a few short years.
Thanks guys! 2017 was my best year yet for plots, well everything except the corn. Struggled with damp soil and old seeder at the time of planting.

Soybeans waist high (I’m 6’1”)

2017 improvements to the farm:

Upgraded to a 2013 John Deere Gator

I now have solar electric and running water from the rainwater cistern & 12 volt pump. Still zero monthly utility bills.




Bathroom addition on cabin with self contained shower/water heater unit.

Propane heater with thermostat. It was nice to have that kick on at night when the stove got low, no more waking up cold and feeding the fire.
I killed this mature doe on the very first sit on the farm, first cold front of October on the 16th. Conditions were perfect and deer poured into my secluded soybean field. Leaves were still green on late planted beans.

An hour after I shot her, one of my target bucks came out but he stayed out of range and at the far corner of the field. He did eventually come into bow range but stayed to my right, tight against the tree line, and I couldn’t get a clear shot through all the maple limbs. Was great to see him though.
Thanks everyone, missed you guys. Dogghr, there’s no crack exposed, maybe a little ghetto droop but no crack LOL.
A few more from a few weeks ago. Soil tests done. Found a few swamp white oaks and released them. I never get tired of the sunsets at the farm.

Love your radish/turnip patch and a great picture of it as well! How much fertilizer and what were the planting dates? How big did the turnip part of the plant grow?