DIY Scent Master Box


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Im pretty much a nut when it comes to scent control, and wanted a scent master box for my truck. I decided last year to build my own, and it worked awesome.
Here's the parts list:

TSC deep truck tool box

Schumacher Power Inverter

Whitetail'R Ozone Generator

Woods Mechanical Timer

Boot Dryer

Misc Items:
50' Extension Cord
Milk Crate
Electrical Box
Electrical Connectors
2 conductor 16ga wire (20')
Female three prong plug.

I started by running the 2 conductor wire to where I was going to mount the power inverter. For me that was under the rear seat of my truck. I then ran the extension cord from the inverter to where I want the timer switch mounted. Then another with the other half of the cord To the mounted toolbox. I had to use a female plug to terminate the end inside the toolbox, and made sure to use rubber grommets around the cord anywhere it passed through steel or aluminum. This is a must, or you will have a dangerous situation on your hands. I then wired up the switch so that the timer would cut off the 120 volts from the inverter when not timing. I mounted the boot dryer using zip ties to the milk crate. Had to drill some holes in the plastic on the boot dryer for the zip ties to go through. I secured the ozone generator to the crate as well. Plugged the generator and the boot dryer into a power strip, and power strip into the extension cord from the timer/inverter. The unit will only be on any time the timer is timing as to not run my battery dead if I forget to turn it off. The timers come in many sizes, and I got a 60 minute timer for this setup.

So, after a year of using it, I have found it to work flawless. No leaks, my boots are always dry and warm. And all of my hunting clothes have the sterile ozone smell every time I get dressed. I have had zero dead batteries, and have found that when I park in the garage at night, all I do is plug an extension cord into the power strip to detox my stuff while I sleep. The nicest part of this is that the box is large enough to store and clean everything I have for all weather situations and also my backpack. Another plus is that when season is over, I just unplugged the power strip and took out the milk crate so that I had a toolbox all spring and summer. It was a pricey build, but way worth it. Nothing like slipping on warm dry boots and dry scent free clothes in December while your buddy is freezing his ass off getting dressed. I will post a series of pics to help out, and would be more than happy to answer anyone's questions or concerns.
I usually run it overnight with an extension cord, and then switch to the timer for an hour on my drive to the woods. Takes me 45 minutes to get to the property.
My plans this winter include installing a ceramic plate heater for the super cold mornings, but I'm not sure the inverter will take it
Be careful running it for long periods of time my burlies sure didn't like it when I did that.

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Be careful running it for long periods of time my burlies sure didn't like it when I did that.

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You are absolutely correct, 2 years and my alphas are rotten from the ozone... what do you do with yours to keep em as scent free as possible?
Seems like I buy a new pair every 2-3yrs no matter what I do. I only wear them deer hunting and the rubber is shot even without ozone. I store them in a rubber made tote with weatherstripping, spray them down till they drip with spray, and add carbon powder and zeolite to the inside and out before and after every hunt. I put them on a dedicated boot dryer every hunt and handle them only with rubber gloves or my hunting gloves. I also wash them inside and out 2 times per year with sport wash once preseason and once before my November vacation.

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