Distillers Grains


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Any of y'all used distillers grains to feed deer? Suppose to be high protein and cheaper than corn.
I used to produce it for a living. Protein will be close to 30% depending on the plant. When we added the syrup back on to it I can tell you it was a coon magnet! Flow might be a problem in a gravity feeder if you have high humidity.
What I have access to is dried distillers grains. My dang corn feeder is a coon (and fox squirrel) magnet, so that'd be no different.
I would think you will pull more coons and less squirrels with the DDG. Depending on the syrup addition the plant uses it might still be a little tacky. We ran ours out of concrete bins without issue MOST of the time. It was when the flow stopped that the work started.
There is a syrup byproduct that many ethanol plants add back in to the solids then run through the dryer. Depending on the the addition rate it can make it bridge a little in bins. Moisture wise it will be dry. Probably worth trying to see if it flows.
Does the consistency vary depending on plant that produces it?
We use it in our feed for the cows, it is really wet an clumpy. I’m sure it would be great source of protein for deer but I can’t imagine trying to get it to run through a feeder.