Disease ID Honeycrisp


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Just want opinions on what is going through one of my smaller orchards. This one is mainly honeycrisp meant to be more for our consumption than wildlife. Not sure if it is heat stress? Leaf Spot? Doesn't appear to be blight or CAR.


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A common problem people have with Honeycrisp is Iron Chlorosis, and I think that is possibly your problem. However, I don't grow Honeycrisp and don't consider myself an expert on all of the many life support techniques it takes to keep them going. They are essentially a disease magnet variety of which I avoid like the plague.

PS: Another possibility is Marssonina leaf blotch - and it really looks like that too. Best wishes.
I'm with you 100% they are nothing but problems. But the lady loves them to eat so here I am trying to keep em alive ha. I'm look into both your suggestions see if I can pin it down. All I know is didn't look like any of the common diseases I normally see.

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Think you may be onto something with iron chlorosis. Seems to look and sound like my issue. Common for late July to August for honey crisp variety to turn yellow. No cure just it is what it is I guess for this honey crisp. Price to pay for good eater

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