Departing for Idaho archery elk in a few days

Ron Kulas

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I head out on Aug. 31 for a week in Idaho. Ive got the broadheads sharpened. Woodsman heads on Gold Tip shafts that I made up.

With only a few days befroe I depart for Idaho elk season I bought a new sight with smaller pins and started over sighting in out to 70 yards. Now I have 4 of these sights for different arrows ranging in weight from 390 grains to 450 to 540 to 700 grain. Just slide one sight out of the dovetail, slide in a different sight, swap arrows and you are in the game no matter which species and location on the globe, Im hunting without all sorts of sighting in over and over.


I depart tomorrow morning.
Fine bull Ron ! I’ll watch the video later.

Finally took the time to watch, good video and a quick kill ! Congrats !
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My decal maker has made my Idaho elk window cling for the hunt truck and Im whitening the the elk euro mount. No animals were harmed during the Wisconsin bow opener last weekend.