Sunscreen for deer hunters?


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Hey Guys,

I was out there in Montana on a deer/elk hunt two weeks ago under a blaring sun for hours on end. My face got scorched.

I know a lot of deer/elk hunters are concerned that using suncreen might give off an unwelcome scent.

but I'm wondering as hunters would you

Purchase and use a 100% scent-free high SPF sunscreen that is specifically formulated for deer hunters???

I see a lot of sunscreen products that state frangrance or scent free but ultimately have a scent to them that might scare off your game.

I thought deer hunters especially need protection from skin damage and skin cancer due to the hours and days they spend in the extreme elements.

Thx for your opinion.

Does the zinc stuff smell?? It's typically used on babies and was a thing for a minute in the 90s when people colored their noses with it.
Yeah, no, I recently was found to be deficient in vitamin D, so I need more sun without sun block. Stink wise, we all stink, sun block isn't going to stink anymore than deet, or your exhaled breath.

Nope. There are lots of style of hunting different game. I'm in the southeast where stand hunting is my style. I'm fastidious when it comes to scent during archery season when I need to be close (20-30 yards). I'm wearing a head net and sun is the least of my worries.

I would think that folks doing spot and stalk type hunting in big open country would have much bigger scent worries as they work up a sweat than would be an issue from sun block. I think in those circumstances, playing the wind is more important.

With stand hunting for archery deer need to be so close that small subtle eddies and swirls in the air currents can betray you, so being scent free is very important. But in this circumstance, sun is not generally an issue.

Having said that, many hunters will fall for any new gadget if the marketing is god enough to convince them it will improve success. I'd suggest just putting a big antlered buck on the label and rebrand any existing high SPF screen. Just market the scent as an attractant. :)
In 50 years of hunting I’ve never heard anybody talk or care about sunscreen concerns.