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Well you take a 6 and 9 yo to the farm to perhaps hunt a few minutes but they rather bust ice in creek w rocks, ride atv and tractor , and shoot rifle and visit their dads treestand who passed last year.
Pretty good shots I should say. And we did get in the blind to hunt for 15 min but mostly to play guessing games.
All good with me and we had a blast. Great “hunting “ trip!! And wore me out!!
I wish to always have the mind of a child and not take life to seriously!!

“Tell it to your children, and let your children tell it to their children, and their children to the next generation.”
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it may not be "hunting" but that doesn't matter. Spending time and creating memories is what matters! Keep them interested in the outdoors and let them decide if they want to hunt. It's not for everyone, but keeping the door open always helps. I bet everyone slept well that night!
My dad took me to the farm as soon as I was able to walk. My friends and I used to walk through the sunflower fields with “bashing sticks” just knocking stuff over. We are in our late 30s now and still talk about the fun we had with those bashing sticks.
My question is: Who had the most fun, you, or them ?;)

I think you know. They jumped out of the Jeep to open the gate and by the time I pulled thru the oldest had whipped out his wiener pissing within yards of the highway. Not saying I don’t do the same but I stand behind the Jeep. After that they were wide open for the next 5 hours. Lol

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Those boys are very fortunate to have a grandad who understands boys and spends quality time with them throwing rocks in the creek. If all grandads were as great as you we'd have to redig the creeks.

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Yep guess that’s why I pay to put limestone on that road!!

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Looks like they had a blast. I’m willing to bet 6 or 9 yo me wouldn’t have made it 15 minutes in that blind.
Boys need a place to be boys! Regardless of how old they are!!

I’ll second that ! I grew up on a dairy where my Dad had leased 1214 acres. I had no idea how precious my growing up there was until he sold out (went broke) after a seven year drought and we moved to Dallas. (That’s where my mother wanted to be because my older sisters lived there.I despised it, every single thing about it !)
Man, what fun we had on the dairy farm ! Rode horses, hunted sqirrels, swung on grapevines (like Tarzan:)), fished in the creek, dodged cottonmouths, wandered the woods with our dog Rex, bathed in the dairy barn and ran naked to the house:D, had corn cob fights, and picked many a grassbur out of our unshod feet. We had no idea that we were that lucky........

I should also say that we didn’t stay in town long, Daddy hated it as much as my brother and I did, so we moved back to East Texas. Had a lot of fun there too, but that’s for another time.