Deer Hunting in Northwest Florida

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It's just starting to turn on! No bucks on the tailgate yet, but some great action last Saturday in an all-day hunt on my favorite plot. Watch it on YouTube and click the LIKE button under the video!! :

Here's my other two recorded hunts this year that I previously posted in the "Live from the Stand" thread.
Last week:

Thanksgiving hunt:
Nice Job! Love your set up.

That's the kind of stand sets I was used to hunting back in Pa, a whole lot different on my junk plot here.

One Day.
It was all done with with 39 hp Kubotas, lime, fertilizer and heavy equipment. You can see still the stumps we plant around after 13 years!
I would assume you had to get permission to clear the trees from the Timber Co correct?

If I could clear out maybe three 1 1/2 to 2 acre plots on us that would be a whole new ball game.
They were mainly deck areas and clear cuts when we established the plots. When they replanted pines, they planted around the areas we had under tillage. If you're working with 100% planted pines in rows, that's going to be challenging to grow plots even with the right soil amendments because of the lack of light, but I've seen plenty of strip plots between pines. You have to keep the undergrowth in the surrounding rows cut really low though to get light in there. It can be done but it's a lot of manual work with a brush cutter head on a string trimmer.
Is January typically the time when the deer start moving in Florida? I just moved to the panhandle from the Midwest and boy is it slow right now.