Deer Habitat Books

This is a little off base with what you asked about, but I think it's important as well.....knowing how to read and understand maps is a vital part of understanding how to manage/layout habitat in my opinion. You have to be able to see and understand what you have before you go altering things. As such I would also recommend "Mapping trophy bucks" as well. I have this one too. Like I said I realize it's a little out of scope from your request, but I think it can help you see things that maybe you can't or shouldn't change and should work WITH the terrain of your property. This one looks at topo maps satellite images and the like to show how deer use different terrain features and edges and corners of habitat and the like. This can allow you to incorporate what you already have and use the other practices to make everything better and work together.
Also just a last piece of advice....look beyond your property boundaries. You need to understand how deer use your property and why. Most of us don't own/control enough property to really treat it like an island of captive deer. You need to understand where the deer come from, where they go and when and why. We often try our best to give the deer everything they need, but most will still venture off of our property at some point in time. Seeing a bigger picture can help you skew what you think is needed to hold or at least attract the deer to your property with habitat. Again - you didn't I'll shut up now!
I appreciate any and all recommendations! The books can be on anything wildlife that has influenced someones decision making or thinking. Thanks for the advice and keep them coming!