Daughters first deer


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It has been a long time since I have been on the forum....Been a very crazy year. My daughter managed to score on her very first deer opening morning of Missouri youth season. She shot it in the first 15 minutes of legal shooting time so we didn't even have to get the IPad out.. I have never been so excited to see a dead button buck on any of the farms that I hunt.
We also got my friend's son on his first deer during the Illinois youth shotgun season. Both will go down as my best hunting memories ever!

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That's great. I envy new hunters as they are thrilled by shooting any deer. Targeting the upper 5% of the herd can wear on you; I still shoot "eaters" to keep me grounded. Can't wait to take my own kids one day (8+ years from that).
The funny things was, when she got the .223 up, the deer was at 30 yds. She had buck fever so bad the barrel was doing circles. I tried to talk to her to get her to calm down. As I am mid sentence telling her to breathe, KAPOW! Deer drops on the spot and hardly even quivers.

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