Curious deer


My wife and son accompanied me to water out newly planted fruit and nut trees this evening. It has been such a dry summer so we added some plant food to the water and set out to water about 25 new trees in our mule. Trimmed back some trails while working our way around the property. Finished up and as we were putting everything away at about 8 pm the deer started pouring out into the food plot and the migrated down to an area above our cabin and stood around watching us pack up. It just amazes me how they can be so elusive in fall and so curious in spring and summer. Love seeing the new fawns running around. Had to stake some of our tree fences back down. Damn bear tipped over our rain barrel again just to see what’s in there. I love working on our food plots.
Working on my place is fun too, unless it’s 100* in the shade, which it has been here for weeks ! Gonna be that for the next ten days according to the weather wizards. Come on October !