Cultipacker rodeo


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Planted my plots last Friday, a few weeks earlier than usual but it was then or late September so I got it done.

I leave my cultipacker in the woods at the property, I backed up to it with the 4 wheeler and got off to hook it up. I noticed quickly that there were red wasps all around one end and thought that would be a problem. About the time I got it hitched up they started dive bombing me, so I jumped on, popped it in gear and took off as fast as I could! Couldn't decide whether it was more important to watch out for trees or wasps, but I made it to the field without crashing or getting stung. I was about half way through the first lap around the field and noticed something flopping on the end of the packer. I was still on edge about the wasps and didn't want to stop for fear they would still be coming out of the packer, so I was driving and trying to figure out what was going on. My brain finally registered what I was seeing. A big black rat snake was trying to get out of the end of the packer and was being rolled up, unrolled, flung around and run over with every revolution of the wheels! He finally made it out of the packer and, last I saw of him he was headed into the weeds as fast as he could go in his condition!!

It was pretty sporty there for a few minutes! :D
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Now that is funny. That's one of the funny things that does everything but luck funny until later on. Glad you are alright though. Stuff like that can cause you to do stupid unsafe things and get hurt quick.
In one effort you get separated from two of my least favorite creatures. I hate spider webs in the woods before daylight when you can't
use a flashlight. I am allergic to wasp stinks and snakes just show up at always the worst time possible. Sure am glad that was
you - not me. ;)
I'll be keeping an eye on my cultipacker now. I've had allergic reactions to bee stings in the past. Can't afford an epipen anymore.
Dam if only someone was videoing the rodeo. Glad you ok and didn't get knocked off and stung. Post some pictures of the plot!
I am sure that was a sight to behold :)

I was brushhogging my folks pasture with my dads old Massey Ferguson tractor that has no safety features and I ran over a ground bee nest (the small black ones). I made another loop around and could see these black things flying low to the ground in front of me right where I had brushhogged the pass before and I went through there again not realizing what it was (I was young). All of a sudden I started getting stung all over and I couldn't stand it so I jumped off the tractor while it was still going brushhog and all. I ran until the bees/wasp whatever weren't on me anymore and then had to run back and jump back on the tractor just before it ran through the fence and get it's a wonder I lived through my youth...

I could tell you about the time my checkbook and wallet fell out of my back pocket while I was brushhogging too :(
My neighbor told me that if I ever mow over ground bees that I should just stop, turn off the tractor, and don't move. Well the next year sure enough I ran over a ground nest. I did exactly what he told me to do. Man was it hard to stay still with all those bees buzzing around me. But I did and I did not get stung.

This is the plot in the "cultipacker rodeo" story. Photo was taken from the tripod stand at the west end of the plot.


Another photo of the same plot with a friend from church and his tractor discing it.


Getting the plots done this year was a landmark for me. I have 3 miles of firebreak and roads and about 3 acres of food plots that I usually mow every August and then plant the plots. Last year at this time, I had already sprayed the plots and was preparing to do the mowing and the planting. On Sunday afternoon, August 30th, I had a massive pain in my back and immediately started passing blood, went to the ER and they told me it was probably a kidney stone......however, a CT scan revealed a large mass on my right kidney. Instead of mowing and planting, I spent the week in the hospital in pretty bad shape and facing the reality of cancer that was not contained within the kidney. I came home for Labor Day weekend and then went back on Tuesday for surgery to have the kidney removed. Needless to say, the mowing and food plots didn't happen last year and I am really not in good enough shape to have done them by myself this year (on chemo and can't work in the heat). With the help of my wife, my friend with the John Deere and an unusual August cold front that allowed me to work outside, we got them planted!!
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My brother's and sister were walking in the woods on day when we were young. I believe we were squirrel hunting because I had a shotgun in my hands, anyway as we were walking I saw some bees coming out of the high creek bank. This is the lesson part of the story. Do not and I repeat do not ever shoot a ground bee nest with a shotgun.....Don't do it !!!! So of course that is what I did and I took off running getting a head start on my siblings and I was older and faster so I got away with maybe 10 or so stings but my siblings were covered with them by the time they made it to the house we were all shedding clothes pulling bees out of our pants and shirts. That is a little lesson for you youngsters, it hurts.

I also have a story about how to not go about getting a baby food jar off of a skunks head. You are better off letting it go ahead and suffocate believe me. It had something to do with a shotgun as well :eek:
Blizzard - great advise for the young ones. My advise, and this is from first hand expereience, is that urine will conduct electricity. So do not pee on a hot wire. It is not a pleasant experience.

Good Lord... that's a horror story! Time to take up golf perhaps? :)

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