Cultipack my existing clover plot when overseeding or not?


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So I'm getting ready to overseed an existing clover plot that's pretty established already. My plan is to seed with clover and some tillage radish, fertilize and mow it. Wondering if I should cultipack it also to get good seed contact with the soil? I'm going to throw in some winter rye also mid September. Not sure if the cultipacker is a good ideal on top of clover that's already doing pretty good.
You can’t hurt white clover with a packer. I ripped this up with skid steer and excavator tracks multiple times a month ago, turning and what not. It killed everything but the clover. And the clover is coming right back.


At the same time, if it’s white clover, throw it in the ground and walk away. It’s never let me down. That stuff is more reliable than rye.

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Won’t hurt to pack if soil is soft. Clover won’t b bothered. Brassica tends to do better w packing. Prob is late summer ground can be hard and packer doesn’t do much. I’ve run ATV or Jeep over plot to pack. Rain event helps

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Cultipacking clover in a throw n mow planting isn't going to hurt anything, but I'm also pretty sure that it's going to benefit very little in seed establishment. So, I'd consider it a waste of time and fuel at my place.