crab apples


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Considering planting a few crab apples on my farm next spring. Just curious who has planted what, how has it worked for you, disease resistance, do deer like it, hows it hold up to wind/snow ect ect Seems locally everyone sells prairiefire crabs.
I have several planted but they are not producing yet.

Dolgo, Transcendent, and American crab.
I had 2 dolgos flower last year but a late frost got them.
I've got dolgo, Dozier, and golden hornet none have produced yet. Also have what I believe is two calaway crabs that hand on all year and shrivel up unless you knock them off.
Prairiefire crab is an ornamental crab with tiny fruit. Not what you want for deer. Great landscape tree though
Prairiefire like Stu said is an ornamental, very disease resistant, good for turkeys and other birds. Dolgo, Chestnut, Kerr, Hewes, Centennial and a host of other less known varieties.
I have a couple I bought years ago from a nursery that I don't use and they are producing small fruit the size of a quarter.They are turning ripe now.If they are producing edible fruit they need to go.