Covert and All wireless cam review thread...

I've had all of them starting in 2012, except don't have a '16. The 2015s are definitely the best yet. I don't like the false triggers when it gets hot out. Mine work pretty well, other than that. I like the option to set up the SIM card on line with the 2015s. Really don't want to get the '16s and have to go through Covert.
They may be fine, not sure. They are different in that you connect through Covert, not AT&T. It's a little more expensive than the 2015 plans I use. Plus, there are some other differences. I think it's more web based. There are people that know better than me.
image.jpeg I like my buckeye cams, no cell service necessary. You need line of sight, but if you don't have it you can use another camera as a repeater.