Cover Crop Roller


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Hey guys, I'm here to sell something. I just posted on
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The short story is I built a 6' roller this summer and used it with my planter while doing corn. I'm excited about using it more and hope to sell some. I'm working on building some 6' units along with 8' and 10.5'.

With this unit my goal on the farm is to build my soil. I'm in middle Tennessee, near Ashland city, so my soil is rocky and not the best. I hope to one day use less fertilizer and herbicide and see something better come out of it. This may be a little extreme for a wildlife farmer but I'm going to take a swing at it and see what happens.

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I'm interested. I'd like one to mount on my JD 400 series loader, so I can roll in the front and run my drill behind? 6' working width.
This one is set up to run on 400 and 500 series FEL. I moved thread to classified.