Controlling wild hogs


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We are doing our part. Of the four sows in the trap, each had AT LEAST 10 fetuses in them. The sow outside of the trap was shot last night when we went out there---sneaked down there and she was laying by the trap. Also took out a 350 lb boar that was laid up outside the trap. The four sows inside accounted for 44--them plus ten each. Plus the boar, plus the sow outside the trap (it was dark when we cleaned her last night so didn't check fetuses), and the ten piglets means we eliminated a minimum of 56 hogs last night and today.

Hogs at Justin's trap 8-31-16.JPG
We don't have hogs (yet) in Wisconsin. How is the meat from feral hogs? I've heard deferring reports.
Well, just like with deer, if you take care of it after the kill--gut it; chill it; keep body fluids, dirt, and piss of it; and don't ride around with it in the back of the truck all day showing your buddies, it is AWESOME. If you don't it sucks.
Good job LLC. Quite a haul there!! Do you have a picture with the trap set, before the catch?

would you describe your trap set up for us?


Just a simple "corral" trap 30' in diameter. Here's the video we watched to get the design. We monitor it with one of the cellular trail cameras.

Here's how to build the door.