Clover plots


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Is it okay to spray cleth E on clover plots when reseeding? Will it damage the seeds? Is it okay to spray it at the same time as reseeding? Or is better to spray then reseed Any help would be great

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Generally you want to reseed as early as possible before you get too much growth of either clover or grass. Usually it is later when it warms up enough (low temps in 50s for week before spraying).

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Are you reseeding with clover seed? Clethodim is a grass selective herbicide that is absorbed through the growing leaf of the grass. What are you trying to kill and what are you trying to plant?
Not knowing what plant hardiness zone you are in, I will just add that in general, you don't want to reseed clover in the spring. It is much more difficult to get clover established with warm season weeds and grasses than it is in the fall.

If you have a plot of clover that has actively growing grass, you can spray it with a grass selective herbicide. You will get a better kill of the grasses if you spray young grasses rather than mature grasses. You won't have any issues with Clethodim impacting clover germination.